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The Sheaff Brock Knowledge Builder Series

Sheaff Brock

Sheaff Brock, a money management firm located in Indianapolis, Indiana, was established nearly two decades ago and today manages more than $1 billion in investments. Sheaff Brock provides clients and investors with an array of informational offerings, including the firm’s Knowledge Builder Series.

The Knowledge Builder Series offers monthly online videos, typically 30 to 40 minutes in length, that highlight a specific subject relating to wealth management and portfolio growth. In September 2017, the series focused on the opportunities investors have in regards to triple play potential, a term used to describe investments that can simultaneously provide the opportunity for capital appreciation, steady income and a growing income stream. In June the series dealt with option overlays which may offer the potential for incremental income when discussing low interest rates.
Other recent videos in the series have provided information on real estate investment trusts for portfolio diversification; effective methods for diversifying sources of income; and the various approaches to preferred securities investing. For a look at the complete online archive of Knowledge Builder Series entries, please visit

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