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The Bulls of the Dow Investment Strategy for Long-Term Growth

Sheaff Brock

Based in Indianapolis, Indiana, Sheaff Brock is an independent investment advisory firm with a conservative, value-oriented approach to investing. Sheaff Brock deploys a variety of equity investment strategies for long-term growth. One is the Bulls of the Dow strategy.

The Bulls of the Dow strategy is tailored for growth-oriented investors, though it also provides good dividends for investors focused on income. The investment strategy focuses on the top 10 stocks of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, ranked according to certain research metrics. The primary objective of this strategy is to identify and invest in stocks with the highest potential for long-term appreciation and the lowest risk.
Creating a Bulls of the Dow equities portfolio begins with an assessment of all large-cap stocks on the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Each stock is then scored based on a set of 22 variables including revenue stability, free cash flow, profitability trends, and analyst revisions. This research helps investment managers determine a stock’s potential for growth and inherent downside risk. The outcomes are then scored to come up with the top stocks to go into the portfolio, which is reviewed quarterly.

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